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Success Stories

Nick's Story

We all seem to go through seasons in our lives. Some seasons are full of hope and renewal, while other seasons are tough, and we need the help of other people to get us through. One such story belongs to Nick, one of our employees who is living in a season of hope, but it hasn’t always been that way. Here is Nick’s story

Evelyn's Story

My name is Evelyn, and I’m Michael’s Mom. My family and I know firsthand about the life saving work the team at New Life Community does. I wanted to share our family’s story to hopefully inspire people to give generously to the New Life Community Christmas campaign.

John at the New Life Community.
John's Story

John has been volunteering with New Life Community for over 13 years. Like many of the young men who come to the Men’s Recovery program at New Life Community, John too had his tough battles with addiction, and if it wasn’t for help he was able to receive, quite likely he would have lost his family and all he holds dear. Read John’s inspirational Story of Hope!

Photo of Art.
Art's Story

My parents both passed away when I was just a young child. Like many kids who lose their parents, I started to slip into addiction using alcohol as an escape from the pain of the loss of my Mom and Dad. As an adult, I had a very successful career. Unfortunately, the stresses of the job led me further down the road of addiction which slowly started to take control of my life. I knew I needed to get healthy again.

Tyler playing guitar.
Tyler's Story

I came to New Life Community last Thanksgiving. I’ve been in and out of programs for addiction and have been living on the streets for years. As I was making my way to Kamloops, I was mugged and beaten, so I arrived with literally nothing but the clothes on my back. I felt hurt, dejected, and hopeless.

Paul standing beside the New Life Community building.
Paul's Story

My name’s Paul and I’ve been a Support Worker for New Life Community for almost four years. For years though, I was a functioning addict. I had a wife, a beautiful daughter, a home … when my addiction got out of hand.

Jeff standing outside the New Life Community building
Jeff's Story

My name is Jeff, and I’m one of the Outreach Workers at the outreach centre at New Life Community. Like many in our community, I was an addict, starting young at the age of 15. It’s not until I lost everything and came to New Life Community where I turned my life around and am helping others do the same.

Dieter volunteering in the New Life Community Kamloops Outreach Centre kitchen.
Dieter's Story

I grew up in Germany and my parents and I came to Canada back in the late 60s when I was just 8 years old. We lived in the lower mainland for years and my family worked very hard...

People dishing up food at the New Life Community Kamloops Outreach Centre.
Dale's Story

It was an incredibly cold winter, temperatures well below freezing. This young man came to us and was not in good shape. He had come in to warm up and have a meal and was complaining about his feet...

A room at The Men’s Recovery Program at the New Life Community Outreach Centre.
Existence in Addiction,
A New Life in Recovery

I finally hit a bottom I could not get up from on my own...All the staff at New Life Community truly care about the people. I am amazed at the compassion they have for the homeless and all they do to offer help to those willing to receive it...

A clothing isle at New Life Community Kamloops Thrift City.
One of Many

I am but one of the many volunteers here at the New Life Community and am proud to be one. I mainly help out at the outreach centre, but have been known to help put a sink or two in at our other facilities, along side of Dwight, whom I must admit did most of the work, but I enjoy being part of an organization and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment by volunteering...

The New Life Community Kamloops Outreach Centre.
My New Motto - Sobriety

When I took my first drink about 35yrs ago little did I realize how much of a factor it would be in my life. At first it was an experiment, then it was fun - I liked it and way down the road, I needed it - I couldn't function without it...