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Paul's Story

A Good Start in Life

My name’s Paul and I’ve been a Support Worker for New Life Community for almost four years. I was born in New Mexico, the son of a U.S. Airforce officer, and I had a good life. As a kid, I finished high school, did a year of college and was passionate about working with my hands with a dream to own a cabinet making shop. For years though, I was a functioning addict. I had a wife, a beautiful daughter, a home … when my addiction got out of hand. My wife left me and took our daughter and I hit rock bottom. This was in 1988, and by the time I decided I needed help, 10 years had gone by.

Previous to seeking help, I lived under a bridge in San Diego for almost 6 years. I just wanted the world to leave me alone. After being arrested yet again, I asked the judge to send me to rehab because if she didn’t, I know I would have died on the streets. I was only 42 at the time and I had had enough – I wanted to change. I went through a program, all 12 steps with a supportive sponsor, and have been clean for 18 years! Now, I help others do the same.

62 Years Old and I'm Finally Living

I absolutely love what I do at New Life Community. I come in an hour early before every shift to donate my time because this place runs on donations and it’s my way of giving back. I work in our Men’s Recovery program and we’ve seen great successes of men getting their lives turned around. There are times where guys relapse and come back for more help, but that’s what we’re about. Giving people second chances because everyone matters. If I could encourage you, please support the New Life Community this Thanksgiving. From the dental centre, health centre, hair salon, mission and day room, this organization does so much to help so many in our community, people like me who are now living their best lives! I hope you too can support New Life Community.

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