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One of Many

I am but one of the many volunteers here at the New Life Community and am proud to be one. I mainly help out at the outreach centre, but have been known to help put a sink or two in at our other facilities, along side of Dwight, whom I must admit did most of the work, but I enjoy being part of an organization and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment by volunteering.

I started out helping Mark in the kitchen once in a while, preparing and serving the meals for those who drop in, and gradually went on to organizing and arranging the back delivery room, the clothing room, and any other task which cropped up. I had to laugh today when Terry introduced me to a new fellow who just started and in doing so he looked at me and said, "Is there anything that you don't do around here Bill?" You know, I never even thought about that until he mentioned it. I just know that I look forward to going in and doing whatever I am able to do. It brings me satisfaction and comfort when I am able to make a difference in a positive way.

I have basically come to know what clothes our drop-in clients want or will even wear, so I sort all clothing that comes to the Outreach Centre, storing some in our clothing room for distribution to the needy, sending some to the Thrift Store for recycling, and sending some to the House of Ruth for our residents there. I also make sure that any bread or other goods that we receive, go to the proper places.

I have arthritis in my hips, knees and other joints so I am only able to do so much. Some days I am able to go for three or four hours and other days I can hardly walk but even so I try to keep everything and in an orderly fashion. I could always use some help sorting clothes, especially the clothing we get for ladies and children.

What I receive in return for my efforts cannot be calculated in monetary measurements, but in positive and warm feelings. I meet many great and dedicated people such as Tim, Pat, Eugene, John and so many others that I could I could not possible list them all here. When I am able to provide someone that walks in wearing only a light summer jacket and the temperature is minus ten, I can almost feel the sense of appreciation that comes from that person. I love what I am able to do and I feel that I am sometimes the biggest winner in the whole scenario of things. I am always being thanked by someone who I have been able to help whether they are a drop-in client or one of our program residents.

The New Life Community is one of the most worthwhile causes that anyone could ever be a part of and I fully believe in all that we do. I feel that it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to volunteer for such a wonderful organization and I thank you very much.

Yours in Faith,
Bill Thompson

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