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Nick's Story

I see people coming through our doors here at New Life Community and some of their situations break my heart. I know there are times they can break free of their addictions and live a better life, but we’ve lost so many people, too. The power of an addiction is strong, and I should know because addiction held on to me from my teens into my 50s.

I grew up on Northern B.C. Like a typical kid, I went to school and hung out with my friends and family. Unlike typical kids though, I was in a bad accident where the car I was in went over a cliff and I was thrown from the vehicle. I broke my jaw, ribs, pelvis, ankle, and one of my lungs was punctured. I woke up in a Vancouver hospital not knowing how I got there. Thankfully, I wasn’t in any pain.

The drugs to fight pain are powerful. I’d steadily press the button for morphine every 4 hours for three weeks until I started to heal and the medical staff recommended I start getting off the drugs. I’ll always remember how good it felt to not feel pain.

Years later, my Mom died, and then my Dad. I was so sad and felt such pain. This is where my addiction stepped in and drugs helped to numb the pain. I inherited a lot of money and blew it on parties and drugs. When I had no money left, I turned to selling drugs so I could support my habit. I was in and out of jail and when people saw me coming down the street, they’d cross over to the other side. I was living in a nightmare.

Fast forward a few years later. A friend told me about New Life Community. To be honest, I thought I could volunteer here and go through the recovery program to stay out of jail. I had no intention of getting clean. But God had different plans for me. So many people here wrote letters of support for me and reading them made me realize I did want out of this nightmare of addiction. Through hard work and the support of the New Life team, I am proud to say that at 61 years of age, I’ve been clean and sober for almost 10 years! Before, I used to want to die to get out of the nightmare. Now, I think about what adventures the next 10 to 20 years hold and I’m excited! I have great friends and support, and I spark hope and encourage others to get help at New Life Community.

Please, give generously to New Life Community. Your support sparked the hope that led to the change in my life!