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My New Motto - Sobriety

My New Motto - Sobriety
My Old Motto - Live to drink, drink to live

When I took my first drink about 35yrs ago little did I realize how much of a factor it would be in my life. At first it was an experiment, then it was fun - I liked it and way down the road, I needed it - I couldn't function without it.

Work started to get in the way of my drinking and on March 30, 2003 I was at work and something was not right. I came out and asked one of my bosses if she was letting me go, she said she hadn't made up her mind yet, half an hr later I was being let go. Two and a half months after my first trip to detox I was on the road to Kamloops- with no place to live. All my stuff was gone, I gave it away because I had no place to put it. In April I was at a friend’s place waiting to get into detox, April 7-14 I went through detox. I had no place to go after - fear is a great buy in. The director gets me into Kiwanis, what a relief, but where do I go after that?

While I'm in treatment, I hear of the New Life Community. After a month at Kiwanis I check at the New Life Community but because of my crappy outlook and feelings on God they say come back in two weeks, if my outlook changes I might be able to get in. My hopes are gone again but in two weeks I go back and low and behold, I am taken in! After two years and a bit of living at New Life with bible readings, AA meetings, counseling, phoning people when I fear relapse, life and God. I also learnt that no matter how long I am sober I am still one drink away from relapse. I am not immune to relapse - fear again - I get over it.

Today I don't drink or turn to alcohol for friendship, problem solving, to drown my sorrows, I have come close to falling off the wagon but I haven't yet. Today, I am sober. Thank-you New Life Community for my new life- my new outlook on life. A special thank-you to John Y, if I had not met him, I never would have heard of the New Life Community. Also thank-you to Tim, Leslie who allowed me to come into the Mission, Terry who listened and gave advice I didn't want to hear, Detty and her big heart, Pat who led me to the "Ancient Paths Seminar", and a big thanks to Dwight - he has a heart as big as he is. New Life Community does help people but I feel honesty is the key. If a person is honest, open minded, and willing, the New Life Community is the place to be. It has helped me do a 180 in life, I learnt that my way is self destruction and last but not least.

No God
No Peace
Know God
Know Peace

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