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Jeff's Story

My name is Jeff. I’m honoured to talk about New Life Community because this place makes a life changing difference daily in people’s lives. My story is similar to many people in our community. I was an addict since the age of 15 and on my own. I was a working addict so I had the house, a great job, all the toys, but was controlled by my addiction. It’s not until I lost everything, came to New Life Community, and went through the Men’s Recovery Program that I got clean and sober.

I celebrated a few years of sobriety and have been working at New Life Community for a number of years now. I love what I do! This place is so much more than a place for people to get food, though that’s usually what brings them in. We work to feed people but take it a step further to help them find housing, clean clothing, and/or employment. Recently, a young guy named Chad came to us. He’s been living on the streets for over 4 years and looked like he hadn’t showered in just as long! For Chad, life was so overwhelming that he didn’t apply for any kind of assistance because he was homeless. Fast forward to today. Chad has showered, has been given clean clothing, nutritious food, and we’ve recently secured housing for him. The guy actually smiles now. That’s big!

We appreciate the support of our community! We are able to do so much more with your generous donations of time and dollars.

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