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Evelyn's Story

My name is Evelyn, and I’m Michael’s Mom. My family and I know firsthand about the life saving work the team at New Life Community does. I wanted to share our family’s story to hopefully inspire people to give generously to the New Life Community Christmas campaign.

You never think it will happen to your family. My son was a wonderful child and when my husband, Michael’s father, passed away in 1992, I believe that was a turning point for Michael.

Michael’s life struggling with addiction and living on the street was very hard for our family. We made many attempts to find him, trying to encourage him to seek help and to come home. You don’t expect as a parent to become an expert on addictions or to walk the streets of Vancouver to find your child, but you will do anything to try and help them. Many times I felt so helpless because I loved my son so much and I couldn’t protect him. But I had faith to keep trying.

One of the memories I have was of my boy in a hospital bed as a result of his lifestyle. It was tough, but a mother’s love is fierce. You’ll do anything for your child. Our family was able to convince Michael to come home and start anew.

It wasn’t a miracle transformation either. Michael relapsed twice, but I’m so incredibly proud of him and how far he has come. He entered the New Life Community Men’s Recovery Program and the wonderful team worked to help support him on his journey. There is no place like it! Today Michael is an Addictions Worker at New Life Community helping others in their own journey to recovery. He’s also in school getting his diploma in counseling and would like to become a Drug & Alcohol Counselor. My granddaughter Sarah, Michael’s daughter, and I are so proud of what he’s accomplished and we are so appreciative to our extended family who helped us find Michael so many years ago. We also can’t say enough about our family at New Life Community who have helped us, and especially Michael, so much.

New Life Community is a life saving organization for so many of our community’s kids. By donating this Christmas, your support means they can provide support to people like my son who is now making a difference and giving support to so many who are struggling. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for this organization.

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