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Dieter's Story

I grew up in Germany and my parents and I came to Canada back in the late 60s when I was just 8 years old. We lived in the lower mainland for years and my family worked very hard. I got my love for cooking from my Mom who would get me to do all of the tasting of food when I got home from school. We moved to the Kamloops area in the late-70s where I always seemed to work in kitchens. I didn’t love peeling potatoes and washing dishes, but I did have a knack for cooking, so I worked to get my Red Seal chef papers in the mid-80s and have been cooking ever since.

I’ve been the Head Chef at New Life Community Kamloops for many years and it’s been a real pleasure to work here. I come to work every day happy to be here and it’s because of the thankfulness expressed by the people we feed. These people – some homeless, some working who can’t quite make ends meet – have some of the biggest hearts and are constantly coming up to me to say “That was the best meal I’ve had in a while,” or “You’re a great cook!” We daily impact the lives of so many members of our community.

Unfortunately, we’ve really seen our numbers go up in the last little while. We’re open 7 days a week and we get a variety of people through our door. Moms with their kids, seniors, hard working men and women who’ve fallen upon hard times. I like to remind myself that any of us could be in this situation and to not take our situations for granted. We even have some seniors who come here to play cards and have coffee as their time to socialize - and some of them donate to the New Life Community Kamloops.

If you’re able to donate to our Easter meal this year, I can tell you our team will be making a wonderful meal of turkey with all the trimmings. Our volunteers, along with our cook Mary and I, work so hard to make this a bright spot in the lives of so many. Don’t worry about how much you can give – in time or in donations – we’re just extremely grateful that you do!

- Dieter

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