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Dale's Story

It’s an honour for me to share with you one of the most memorable stories of care and compassion I can recall about a young man in his early 30s.

It was an incredibly cold winter, temperatures well below freezing. This young man came to us and was not in good shape. He had come in to warm up and have a meal and was complaining about his feet. As a Registered Nurse I gained his trust, and when he allowed me to look at his feet, I knew he was in big trouble. Both feet were suffering from terrible frostbite and it was quite likely he was going to lose all of his toes. I quickly got him set up with treatment, and long story short, he didn’t lose any of his toes, which was a complete miracle.

Here at the New Life Community Kamloops, we are exactly that - Community. Although many people think we’re just a ‘soup kitchen’, there are so many more services we provide to those that need a little help. Not just the homeless, but also families who are struggling, people suffering from addictions, and the working poor. When you give, you help bring hope and new life to people. And no matter how someone looks or what their situation is, aren’t we all deserving of a little help? I always remind myself that we’re all human beings and are here to look after one another.

So as you read this, I encourage you to consider booking a tour of our facility to see the work that is happening here. I also encourage you to give because every dollar you donate goes to make our entire community a better place to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Dale

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