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Art's Story

“I was born in northern British Columbia in a small town. Sadly, my parents both passed away when I was just a young child. I was very lucky and was lovingly raised by my older sister and brother-in-law. Like many kids who lose their parents, I started to slip into addiction using alcohol as an escape from the pain of the loss of my Mom and Dad. As an adult, I had a very successful career in the forestry sector. Unfortunately, the stresses of the job led me further down the road of addiction which slowly started to take control of my life. I knew I needed to get healthy again.

I moved to Kamloops and a friend of mine knew what an impact New Life Community had on her son and knew I too would benefit from their help. She dropped me off at the Outreach Centre and I remember asking the Outreach Staff for help. Like with many, it started with a meal and a conversation which led me to trust the team to start the process to get well. I started the program and have been clean and sober for many years.

Today, I am helping others here at New Life Community on their road to getting healthy again. Because I’ve been in their shoes, I not only have empathy for them, but I help guide them on those really tough days - and believe me, there are tough days – when they just want to give up. We never give up on people because we know that given the right tools and support, they can get better.

I wholeheartedly encourage our community to donate to New Life Community. This organization manages your donations well and the money goes directly to helping these amazing people who need a little help to build healthy new habits and skills again. I know it’s because of our community’s care and support that I was able to get healthy again – so thank you! Your support IS changing lives!”

Our thanks to Art for bravely sharing his story! It’s truly amazing what your support helps us to accomplish. We hope we can count on you to make a donation to our Easter campaign. Not only will we be able to serve up a fantastic Easter meal, but we can continue our work helping those coming through our doors to get back on track again. The meals we serve are our way of making those initial connections to then build trust to help people. Your support will mean that we can continue the work we do to help those who are hungry, homeless, and hurting in our community giving hope and the opportunity for new life this Easter and beyond.

Thank you for considering New Life Community Kamloops!

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